How Do I Set My Practice Services and Fees in the Dashboard?

Establishing your menu of services and fees is easy and is done during the onboarding process. You can also define the default length of time each of these services typically take.

The Dashboard allows clinics to establish a menu of services. Depending on state regulations, you may be required to schedule follow-up appointments with your patient. After the initial referral has been provided. 

Practitioners may want to adjust the cost of fees for returning patients. This can encourage patients to return annually for medical card renewal health evaluations. And build your alternative health consultation practice by providing a discount for returning patients.

The fee structure can be input into your clinic or practice profile. Itemize each service for medical card patients and set up discount structures to be applied to the patient invoice. Your team can also update the invoice and record processed payments through the appointment record for the patient. 

Review All Received Payments for Health Evaluation Services

Physicians and practitioners can see financial summaries within the Dashboard. Navigate to the [PAYMENTS] section on the main menu. On the [PAYMENTS] page you can search for invoice payment information by patient, cumulatively (all patients) or by the attending practitioner. 

Use the search function to find invoices by patient name. Simply click the drop menu and locate your patient. Or type the patients first or last name and click the 🔍 to find your patient. 

When entering billing information for each patient service, remember to designate the type of health payment or program (if applicable) on the invoice including:

  • EPC