How Do I Get Started with the Dashboard?

A quick guide to getting started with your account on the Dashboard.


The first step is to create your secure login. Once you have subscribed to the Dashboard, you will receive an email with a link. It will take you to a page where you create your password. Be sure to choose a secure, unique password that you do not use on any other platform!

The next step will be to set up your medical practice. The MDPM takes you through a brief software onboarding process. You will be asked to enter your business name and contact information. This includes your address, telephone, and email information. In addition to Office Policies and Pre-Visit Requirements.

Next, you'll set the prices for your clinic services. By default, this contains a First-Time Visit, Follow-Up, and Renewal.

If you sell any products in your clinic, you can add them on the next page. Fill out the info and then click "add" at the bottom. You can add as many as you like! It's important to keep your data clean. What you enter here is what your patients will see! Check your spelling. Check it again!

Do you have one or more medical assistants who manage appointment setting for you? Practitioners can create a unique profile for medical administrators. You can add more than one. The individuals you add to your Dashboard will be able to add and modify information, process billing, schedule or cancel appointments and more for your clinic.

Once you have successfully completed the onboarding steps, you will see the dashboard of tools for the Dashboard. Refer to the knowledge base for each activity and function for more instructions.