Practice Management FAQs

To familiarize yourself with some of the basic functionality of the Dashboard, please read the frequently asked questions and answers below.


What information can I attach to the individual patient profile?

You can upload and attach .PDF documents, images, and even spreadsheets to each patient profile as needed. This can include confirmation of formal diagnosis of qualifying health condition(s), letter of recommendation for medicinal cannabis, and more. Practitioners and team members can also add notes to the patient profile for symptom and treatment tracking, recommendations given, prescriptions the patient has, and more.

For some patients, cannabis can be contraindicated because of prescription medications or a change in health status, or mental health diagnosis. It is important to document your reasons for declining to refer a patient or refusing a medical card renewal. The Dashboard makes it easy to keep compliant and secure records for each patient you serve.

You can also set a warning for any individual patient that will display in a red box at the top of the Dashboard when viewing that patient's files. This is great for patients with severe allergies.

Is the Dashboard HIPAA-Compliant?

The Dashboard is encrypted and utilizes 2FA security to meet and exceed HIPAA and HITECH compliance. Our platform is also GDPR compliant. That means data in use, or data at rest within your practice profile is protected.

Does the Dashboard Provide Telehealth Services?

If your state permits telemedicine for medical cannabis health evaluations, the software is built right into the Marijuana Doctors Practice Management System. The appointment setting is bidirectional. A patient can request and schedule an appointment, that you can confirm or reschedule. And practitioners can provide a link to the patient, after manually scheduling an appointment in the system.

You can send the link to that patient's individual secure telemedicine session. The patient will meet you there, and you can complete the health evaluation and medical history review.  Practitioners certified to provide medical cannabis referrals do not need to install onsite software or purchase new hardware to access the Dashboard telemedicine features. It is built right into the dashboard.

How Many Patients Can I Add to My Practice?

There is no limit to the number of patients you can add to your practice profile! As your medical cannabis practice grows, our practice management system grows with you. There are no extra fees for patient data storage.

Can I Process Payment to the Patient from the Dashboard?

No. You can send invoices and keep track of payments, but we do not currently support the collection of payments. This will be coming in a future update! The Dashboard also provides a convenient dashboard that displays a billing summary. That information includes service, date, patient name, and service fee charged.

Can I Add Team Members and Assistants to the Dashboard?

We know that practitioners often rely on medical assistants and other team members for administrative support. The Dashboard allows practitioners to add as many team members as they wish. Authorized staff will be able to confirm appointments, edit service details and fees, create and submit patient invoices, and much more. You can also designate non-practitioner staff who can view minimal patient contact information, intake new patients, and arrange appointments on the calendar.

Can I Import Patient Information from Another Practice Management System?

Yes! If you have been using another practice management system specifically for your medical cannabis referral services, you can merge them into our Dashboard! You can export patient records and data and import it directly into the Dashboard.

This is a good way to keep primary care practice separate from medical cannabis referral billing. Build up your patient database to allow for automatic follow-up and renewal appointments with patients that will be renewing their medical card with you on an annual basis.

Can I Customize My Health Evaluation Appointment Details?

Many practitioners schedule blocks of time during the week (and sometimes weekends and evenings) to conduct medical cannabis evaluations. To ensure that patients are not requesting appointments outside your service hours, you can define them. Choose the days and the times that you are available to complete the in-office or telemedicine evaluation. You are always able to see, at a glance, the appointments you have scheduled.

Managing a team of practitioners conducting evaluations? The features in Dashboard Calendar allow you to customize and organize appointments. And you can also enter and block off time for a leave when a practitioner is out of office or on vacation.

How Much Does the Dashboard Cost?

The Dashboard is billed per clinic location. The Dashboard is tied directly to your listing on the Directory. Unlike other practice management software, you can add as many users to your clinic(s) as you like. The cost varies depending on your state, and starts at just $99/mo.

Can I Advertise on Marijuana Doctors?

There are many methods and options for physicians and practitioners who want to advertise on We are America’s leading online resource for medical cannabis news, legislative changes, symptom treatment research, and more.

Have one of our representatives contact you. We will explain the sponsored advertising, display advertising, geo targeted site wide advertising and email marketing services.

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