How Do I Create an Appointment in the Dashboard?

Learn how to add an appointment to your Dashboard, whether it's for a new patient or a pre-existing patient!

Creating an appointment in the Dashboard is bi-directional. Patients can be provided a link by email to confirm their appointment time and date. And if the medical card health evaluation will be provided by telemedicine, a link to the secure conference room can also be provided.

If you have a practice website, you can embed a banner with a link for patients to schedule on the Dashboard. An effective way to manage primary care patients and medical cannabis health evaluation reviews separately.

Get your unique appointment scheduling link on the [CALENDAR MANAGEMENT] section. Then click on Online Appointment Link and copy the URL by pressing the copy button below the text field. You can then paste that anywhere you need to! An email to a patient, your website, or your Google MyBusiness Appointment Booking link.

Physicians can also manually schedule patient appointments. Some patients prefer to call to schedule an appointment and do not want to use online booking. When that happens, a medical assistant or the practitioner can manually create an appointment for the patient as well. This is quick and easy to do, even for a new patient, via the Calendar. Just click on the time slot you want to make the appointment for and enter the information!

Click "Add New Patient" if the patient in question is not already in your database. If you are seeing this patient virtually, be sure to check off the "Telehealth" checkbox!

Communication to the patient through the Dashboard can be done from the practitioner or team member, by email or text. Reminders to the patient can also be scheduled by email or text, and practitioners can also set automated reminders for renewal evaluation services annually. These reminders are sent out 7 days prior to appointment time, 24 hours prior to appointment time, and 2 hours prior to appointment time.

Your appointment calendar functions like other standard booking software. You can also left click and drag a scheduled appointment to another time or day on your calendar. The appointment details will be automatically updated for the patient, and you can send a confirmation message by email or text to notify them.

See All Scheduled Appointments

You can easily see a complete list of all scheduled patient appointments. When you are creating your practitioner profile [ADD USER] check off the box "Send me consolidated list of my daily appointments." You will get a daily email of all your confirmed appointments through the Dashboard.