Can I View Appointments by Practitioner in the Dashboard?

Being able to view appointment history is important! Know what's even more important? Segmenting that data if you have more than one practitioner in your clinic!

Want to review your billing and invoicing information? The Dashboard will allow you to see aggregate patient information, as well as individualized billing data for each patient. Navigate to your [DASHBOARD] to see a summary of your patient and appointment activity.

For clinics with multiple practitioners who are completing medical card health evaluations, you can sort appointment activity by practitioner. This allows the Clinic Admin to see appointment management, frequency, and filter for patients served by each practitioner. Simply select the practitioners name from the drop-down menu to filter results.


The Dashboard will also report new patient acquisitions and existing patients in your practice. It will also report on completed appointments. And monthly and weekly appointment volume by practitioner, or cumulatively for your clinic.